car stolen

Suburbs Where Your Car Is Most Likely To Be Stolen


New data has been released that outlines the suburbs you're most likely to have your car stolen. The report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and CarSafe analysed finder.com.au to show the suburbs and areas where you're most likely to get your vehicle stolen across Australia. With one...

ford focus ute

Ford Focus Ute – Is Ford Creating A New Car Based Ute?


A secret prototype is reportedly underway in Australia that could see the return of the car-based ute. engineering documents suggest the ute will be a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol with an auto transmission. Codenamed P758, the prototype uses the Ford Focus C2 platform, with the Blue Oval yet t...

car price rises

Car Buyers Face Car Price Rises On New Vehicles.


The AUD dipped to a 10-year low against the United States dollar this week thanks to the US trade war with China. The Australian currency has now been devalued by up to 30 per cent against major currencies such as the US dollar and Japanese yen since about 2014. Australian car distributors are...

Commodore replacement

New Commodore Replacement May Land In Australia


For all those pining over the Commodore and the end of the line for this iconic beast, a new car has rolled up to Melbourne for testing that could help to replace the sadness of the Holden Commodore ending its run and finishing up in the history books as one of Australia’s most favourite car. T...

cheapest cars to own

Australia’s Cheapest Cars and Most Expensive to Own


National Car Brokers takes a look at the cheapest cars and most expensive to own in Australia. Not all cars are created equal, and while you might think you’re getting a deal, the long-term running costs of rival cars can vary massively, potentially costing you thousands each year. For the second...



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