BMW i3 Gets More Attention

Published on:05/12/16

The BMW i3 is a new generation BMW vehicle that uses the new 360 Degree Electric Technology. Since the electric vehicle is still quite a new concept to many folks, BMW has made the transition alot easier with their easy to follow ChargeNow network and i Wallbox Mount.

The i Wallbox Mount is a specially designed and installed plug-box designed for your new BMW i3 and is installed by a certified BMW technician. The i Wallbox unit attaches to your home or garage and is the central park and charge area for your new vehicle. Charging your new vehicle on the fly can be done with a regular plugin using the travel charger, but the i Wallbox Mount charger is more efficient because of its special design. For those on the commute, the ChargeNow network is on the up and up, with more and more charge areas becoming available as people express interest in the new technology.

ChargeNow is BMWs growing network of charge stations designed for the Electric BMW i3 and other electric BMWs.


While new BMW i3 owners will have to get used to plugging in their car after work, they will enjoy the process much more than having to wait in line at a petrol station or worry about having to “fuel up.” These modern luxuries are something which BMW has always stood behind, and is even more evident in their new 2015 BMW i3.




SOURCE: http://www.bmw.com.au/com/en/newvehicles/i/world/360_electric.html

BMW’s technology is continuously progressing and with more interest from the public each day, we can’t wait to see what is next for BMW. For more information or the best discounted price on any new BMW model please enquire on our website www.nationalcarbrokers.com.au or call 1300 922 022.



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