On Road Costs

When using our car buying service, you’ll have the added benefit of paying fewer on-road costs. This is because you’ve purchased the vehicle at a fleet rate, which is considerably cheaper than what dealers can offer.

Many on-road costs, such as stamp duty and luxury car tax, are based on the vehicle’s price — so if you pay less for the car, it also means you will pay less in costs. Buying a new car through National Car Brokers also means you’ll be able to save on dealer pre-delivery charges.

Read on for more details about on-road costs and how they impact the final price of your new car deal.

Dealer Pre-Delivery Charges
A dealer pre-delivery charge (also known as a dealer delivery) is a fee that covers any detailing and prep work prior to the owner taking delivery of a vehicle.

Charges vary according to the type of vehicle. For example, the pre-delivery charge for a Holden Commodore usually costs around $1,700. A prestige vehicle might be twice that amount, while a sports car such as a Porsche or a Ferrari will be charged around $6,000.

Depending on the manufacturer, National Car Brokers can get a pre-delivery charge discount for customers because we buy at fleet prices, not dealer retail prices.

Stamp Duty
Stamp duty is payable when ownership of a motor vehicle is transferred from one person to another. It varies in each state and territory. In New South Wales, the stamp duty is 3 per cent of the vehicle price (inclusive of GST) up to $45,000, then 5 per cent for every dollar above this. In South Australia, stamp duty is $60 for the first $3,000 of the purchase price, then 4 per cent for every dollar over this figure.

Use our stamp duty calculator to work out how much you may need to pay. Note that it should only be used as a guide. You can also click on the below links for details about particular State and Territory stamp duty charges:

Stamp Duty Calculator

$ 0

Car Buying Information


Australia’s states and territories have different car registration requirements and costs. In Victoria, the cost of registering a new vehicle will depend on its market value and the postcode of its garaged address. In NSW, the more a vehicle weighs, the higher the tax. For example, vehicles with a tare weight of up to 975 kg pay $191 for private use and $308 for business use. At the far end of the scale, for vehicles weighing 1,505 to 2,504kg the vehicle tax is $411 for private use and $641 for business use.

See the above links to relevant State and Territory authorities for further information about vehicle registration requirements.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

All states and territories in Australia require that on-road vehicles need to be covered by compulsory third party insurance. In NSW and Queensland, there are several third party insurance providers to choose from, while in most other states and territories it is limited to one provider — for instance, South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission. Rates in all states and territories vary subject to the type of vehicle and who will be driving it.

Luxury Car Tax

For most vehicles purchased over $59,133 (2012/2013 financial year), the current Luxury Car Tax rate is 33 per cent of the value which is payable to the Australian Tax Office. The rate is subject to change each financial year.

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