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Car Running Costs – Tips To Save You Time and Money!

Published on:02/8/17

Getting access to fleet discount pricing is one way to save on overall car ownership. Here are some others to assist with saving on car running costs:

Buying a Reliable & Reputable Car Can Save On Overall Car Running Costs

If you haven’t purchased a car yet, this is your first step to reducing car running costs. Talking to other owners and reading car reviews can help you select a car that is cheaper to run and less likely to break down, hopefully saving you unneeded hassle and expense. A test drive is worthwhile, as is a mechanical inspection.

Research Insurance Costs for Different Cars

Different cars attract different insurance premiums. Naturally more valuable luxury cars are likely to attract a higher premium than a more basic model. One might be surprised, however, at the difference in insurance costs between similarly valued car models. This may come down to how these cars are viewed by insurance companies. For example, a certain two door coupe might be considered a sports car. In insurance companies’ experience, such “sports cars” might be more likely to attract a “hoon” type owner. You may be nothing of the sort, but end up paying a higher insurance premium due to your car’s classification in insurance companies’ eyes. A little research before a car purchase could help you save a lot on insurance and car running costs in the long run.car running costs

Fuel Costs – Fuel Efficiency and Car Usage

The more fuel efficient a car, obviously the the more you save on fuel costs. Keeping a car well serviced and running well also helps. Car usage is another large determinant. Driving down the road just for a bottle of milk isn’t such a cost effective exercise. Trying to run a few errands simultaneously can reduce fuel consumption and overall wear and tear on your car. Families with two vehicles might also like to consider whether they can make do with one vehicle. The NRMA has a calculator that can assist you make comparisons between vehicle makes and models and overall car running costs.

Petrol Discount Days
This is an easy one to follow, with a little bit of discipline. Tuesdays or Wednesdays are often the time when petrol stations reduce their fuel prices. Making a habit of filling up the tank at this time each week can help ease the budgetary pressures a little and reduce your car running costs. As prices rise going into the weekend, you can then be pleased with your own good discipline!

Servicing Costs & Regular Maintenance

While servicing costs and maintenance may be seen as an expense, these should not be skimped on. Having your car running well and smoothly saves money in the long run. Small issues can also be identified and rectified before they become bigger mechanical problems.

Shopping Around for Tyres, Parts and Servicing

While parts and servicing are important, one can save a good deal by making a few easy calls to the competition, in order to find the best deal available.

Off Peak Travel, Car Pooling, Reduced Usage and Public Transport

If you can avoid peak car travel, do so. Not only will this save you in fuel costs, but also in time, as you avoid the peak hour gridlock. Nothing beats the convenience and freedom that a car can offer, but if public transport is readily available for certain trips, consider leaving the car at home for a day. Sharing the driving through car pooling is also cost effective.

Having done your research on car running costs, reputable car brokers can help you get the best deal, without the hassle.



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