Computing For A New Car

Published on:05/12/16

While most of us only wish of getting a new car, some people actually do. But there are some things to consider about your new car if you have been driving some of the older models.

First, a new car is going to be much more sophisticated and advanced if you are driving anything around the 2000s Era. While this was a great time to get some well-built vehicles, they simply lacked the tremendous enhancements of the 2015s. The new 2015s are built with advanced sensory systems, as well as wireless access points, so we have to move beyond our traditional concept of car.

This is a much bigger issue than simply going beyond the concept of what a car is, but also how we look at technology in general. For instance, we can look at our smart phone and see a phone, but we must understand that all the sophisticated gadgetry that is built into our phones, could and is probably likely, to also be built into your new car.

Is my new car a cell phone?

While your new car will be able to do almost everything that your cell phone does, your car is much more powerful, and has tremendous capabilities that exceed your cell phone. However, many of the 2015 models are made to connect to your cellphone via wireless access points, Bluetooth, and have pathways to their internal computing systems, which has made critics question their vulnerability to hackers.

Are the new computing systems in cars hackproof?

Senator Edward Markey put the question to Auto Makers and some results and hack tests showed that some vehicles were vulnerable to threats and that outsiders could control the sensors and get into the logs of private information. Some of the outcomes included increased acceleration, headlights off or on, and modified gas-gauge readings, which can have a serious effect on the driver’s safety.

While there haven’t any issues of this type reported yet, the questions seem to be something that the auto industry is trying to develop foresight on so they are ensuring that future cars are as safe as possible to these hacking threats. Increased security measures relating to Biometrics such as a thumbprint or Iris scan on the vehicles, on top of fob and key security, that activates both the cell phone and car is just one example of this feature being implemented. (Other Biometrics are studied by Ford, see image below).


Are we going to see more integration between cars and software? One would think that most definitely cars are going to become increasingly dependent on travel routes, traffic signals, and largely function like a matrix, to provide the most safe and predictable outcomes in traffic monitoring. Adding enhanced biometrics security such as location tracking, Digital cameras, and satellite technology will greatly enhance the tracking and security for new car holders.

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