Sensing Systems For Driver Assistance

Published on:05/12/16

If you are up to speed on the next generation technology found in most of the 2015 vehicles, then you will know that many of the enhanced options on these makes and models includes some form of “Driver Assistance” — Driver Assistance is nothing new, since Cruise Control has been in use for well over a decade, however, the adaptation for giving more responsibility to Sensing Systems to control the manoeuvring of the vehicle is something that has come to market under the general concept we now know as “Driver Assistance.”

Driver Assistance Under The Lens
After doing a quick internet search on Driver Safety Assistance I found these companies that are working with manufacturers to provide more reliable sensing and intelligence data. As our vehicles become more in-control of the manouvering, this will alleviate some of the headaches of driving, and allow for multitasking while on the road, making the 2015s a great success story for drivers who get frustrated with traffic. We have plenty of new vehicles that fit Driver Assistance into their profile of services, so make sure to get in touch so we can brief you on the specific products relating to each vehicle line. In the meantime, technical safety engineers and curious folks may find these overviews interesting to help understand how these new systems work.

This is also a success story of an emerging industry in the Automotive Sector, as these enhanced sensing and artificial intelligence systems are more advanced than prior generations.

Here is a screenshot from www.mobileye.com:

From NVIDIA, a graphics card maker in the computer industry, is the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:


There are also other service parts of the supply chain like the products and services offered by companies like Xilinx, who provide optical sensing solutions:


And last but not least, Elektrobit and their Electronic Horizon Solution:


Each year that manufactures push the boundaries of technology advances in vehicles which continuously makes driving more pleasurable and most importantly safer. If you require more information on any new vehicle or the best discounted price please call 1300 922 022 or enquire on our website www.nationalcarbrokers.com.au/contact-us



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