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Electric Car Resale Prices Plummet Compared To Petrol

Published on:03/21/18

Resale value is the biggest problem with electric vehicles compared to diesel and petrol cars.

Electric vehicles are taking the world by storm. The question remains do battery prices mean resale is an issue for the electric car market?

While electric cars save consumers thousands each year, the savings in running costs and maintenance may not outweigh the depreciation of electric cars compared to petrol and diesel.

Data from Redbook has shown that petrol cars hold their value the longest, while electric vehicles come in last. This data shines a light on the fact that while electric vehicles might have lower running costs, the rapid depreciation might cause issues in the long run.

If you’re in the market for a Nissan Leaf, for example, the depreciation might not be an issue, yet Tesla owners should be aware that the resale value of their luxury electric cars might prove to be a sore-point in the long-term life of the vehicle.

Popular electric cars in Australia include Nissan LeafTesla Model 3BMW i3Mitsubishi-MiEV, Honda Fit and Kia Soul EV to name a few. 

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