The Electric Colibiri – Electric For Everyone

Published on:05/12/16

The Uni-seater Colibiri IMA, aka Innovative Mobility Auto is a car designed for one person, and is going to rally to become the top single-seater electric cars across the world to give e-buyers a new car.

The Colibiri, is a small electric car that will be a gateway for many into the electric car class. This small car is designed to accommodate for plenty of traffic with its ergonomic designs. Sloped like a dome on the roof, there is plenty of “seeing-room” within the canister-like car.

With over 1,200 orders, the (Innovative Mobility Automobile Group GmbH) has already gone beyond the basics of the concept phase, and is now in the integration phase across the dealers network. The BBC reports:

“Another indication of the car’s early popularity: More than 150 dealers from around the world (mostly in Europe, but also including Israel, Brazil, the United States and Australia) have applied for licenses to sell the Colibri. And collectively, those dealers estimate there’s enough consumer interest to sell another 5,000 cars, says delos Santos….

The Colibri appears to fit the bill on all counts. It weighs a mere 970lbs and measures about 9ft long, 4ft wide and 4½ft tall. And at a starting price of €10,990 (about $12,500) plus a monthly battery-rental fee of about $45, it’s roughly comparable to its most obvious rival in Europe, Renault’s Twizy electric microcar.”


How will the new Uni-seater pair up against the Chevy Bolt is anyone’s best guess, but it sure would be fun to buy both the Chevy Bolt and the IMA Innovative Mobility Automobile and see which is better. For more information on any new car please call 1300 922 022 and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.






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