Q. I consider myself a good negotiator and have bought new cars before, why would National Car Brokers get a better deal than I can?

A. Most people buy a new car every 3 to 5 years, NCB purchase hundreds of vehicles for a range of companies, small business and private buyers Australia-wide. Our buying power and tendering system enables us to get fleet discount pricing for private buyers as multiple dealers bid for the business. We deal through fleet departments of dealers who rely on volume and targets, not retail departments who focus on profit and commission. Dealers love orders from NCB as they are free of the overhead costs associated with generating leads and sales. Therefore, those savings are also passed onto you.

Q. Who do I purchase the car from?

A. National Car Brokers is a car broker and car buying agent that facilitates the sale. Our clients use our service to not only save time and money, but because we also ensure that what is promised is delivered. The best price offered to each client is from the dealer who wins each tender. The winning dealer delivers the car to your door with a full tank of fuel and you pay the dealer for the car.

Q. What about warranty issues if I used National Car Brokers to purchase my new car?

A. All dealers are a franchise of that brand. That means, no matter where you purchase your car from, it is covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty. Any warranty issues or servicing that may arise in the future can be rectified by your local dealer or any other dealer in Australia.

Q. Does NCB do trade-ins and how does it work?

A. Yes we offer a free trade-in and valuation service. Quite simply, we ask you a series of designed questions to determine your vehicle’s condition and value. NCB will then use our nation-wide network of wholesalers, valuers and car auctions to bid against each other to offer you the highest price for your vehicle. The valuation is always based on your vehicle being in as described condition. NCB will arrange to collect your vehicle at the same time your new vehicle is delivered to you with a full tank of fuel. All you have to worry about is paying the change over amount to the winning dealer. We take care of the rest. It’s that easy!



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