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Published on:08/18/16

Kia fleet discounts may be available to you. If you are school or education worker or an emergency service worker including ambulance, police and fire brigade, then you are eligible for fantastic savings and a national fleet discount on most Kia models. Getting a national fleet discount and purchasing through National Car Brokers can save you thousands of dollars.

The discount fleet vehicle option is not new, since that is something we specialise in, but many small to medium size businesses and public agencies are not taking advantage of this great offer. We can provide a range of discounts on fleet vehicles, but with the KIA program, we can extend these fleet discounts across a wide variety of business and public service agencies to get you great savings. There are three Fleet Options:

  • General Fleet
  • National Fleet
  • Government Fleet


Most small to medium size businesses will qualify for the General Fleet discounts since they are not government agencies, and are not national businesses. To qualify for General Fleet discounts, we need:

  • The business or trading name of the company.
  • The director or proprietor of the business to sign off .


Kia Fleet Discounts
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National Fleet discounts are offered to companies or organisations  with more than 49 vehicles, and can include the following:

  • Taxis
  • Registered Driving Schools
  • Ministers of Religion
  • Sole Subcontracters to a Government Agency or to National Fleet customers registered with Kia
  • Franchisees of National Fleet customers registered with Kia
  • Totally and Permanently Incapacitated ex-service persons (TPI’s)
  • National Motoring Organisations
  • Primary producers
  • Vehicles purchased for wheelchair conversions
  • Kia Dealership staff with minimum 6 months tenure
  • Funeral Directors
  • Police, Fire & Ambulance employees
  • Not for Profit organisations without tax exempt status
  • Fleet Management Organisations & Leasing Companies
  • SES Workers & Volunteers
  • All school & education workers


For all your fleet vehicle needs, we are here to give you the advice and information you need to save up thousands of dollars on your business fleet, general fleet, and can work with you now, so give us a call!

For more information, call us at National Car Brokers on 1300 922 022 and one of our friendly staff will assist you. Otherwise, you can submit an online enquiry by clicking here.



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