1974 holden sandman

Holden Sandman – An Aussie Icon!

Published on:09/19/16

Holden Sandman – Dawn Of An Era

 The 1970’s was a radical time for Australians who can remember it.  From Australia’s withdrawal in the Vietnam war, the white Australia policy and reforms under Gough Whitlam. Australia was heading for a new era all together.

Among the social changes and global unrest arose a freedom of self-expression from the lingering hippie culture and free-love. We saw the introduction of bell bottom jeans, long hair and side burns.  Women even threw away their bras in protest of oppression in the feminist movement. It was a time when new ideas, freedom and imagination captured people.

 The First Holden Sandman – 19741974 sandman

In 1974 saw the launch of the HQ Sandman Panel Van which ceased production in 1979 with the HZ Sandman. A clever marketing take based on a commercial utility developed into a sport style recreational vehicle. It emulated the changing social climate and sat perfectly within the Aussie beach culture.  The Sandman was a true Aussie icon that reminded all parents that their daughters were no longer safe going to drive-ins.

An Icon, Classic and Collectible

Australia now has car clubs dedicated to the Holden Sandman. Finding a genuine example in good condition is extremely rare and prices could expect to be from $20,000 to $50,000 and upwards for an immaculate original. However, most examples of the Holden Sandman are copies. If you are considering the purchase of a Holden Sandman, it is encouraged to do your homework and have a chat in forums. You can try online car websites like Trade Unique Cars or perhaps try a car broker who may be able to do all the leg work for you. You can see how a car broker works by clicking here.

The 2000 Model Holden Sandman Concept

In November 2000 at the Sydney International Motor Show, Holden had collaborated with Mambo and paid a modern tribute to the Sandman by unveiling their concept. Michael Simcoe, the executive in charge of design at Holden, says that their young designer, Andrew Smith, who was working on the new VU Ute program, had sketched the new Holden Sandman concept in 1997 and things got moving from there.2000 holden sandman

The modern sandman, based on the VU utility, was a one off special.  Its retro styled graphics depicted our unique Australian beach lifestyle with its “bushfire” custom beach theme. That theme continues throughout the whole vehicle with a much more modern twist. The cabin was styled by Mambo.  Mambo were excited to be on board to pay homage to this great Aussie icon. They had come up with a “Burnin’ Love” theme which incorporated flame appliqued red leather, tangerine suede and orange velour seats. Translucent red instrument fascia and bushfire alert instrument cluster were also uniquely styled as part of the theme.2000 sandman

We at National Car Brokers pay homage to a great Aussie legend. The Holden Sandman Panel Van! 



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