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Hovercraft Supercar – Stranger Than Fiction

Published on:04/3/17

Once you are done shaking your head at this strange looking concept car and writing it off as a thing of fancy, take another chance to consider that this hovercraft supercar is actually going into production. Besides going into production, it is also going to have a price tag under 6 digits, which can be remarkable for this car, if it actually works.

According to the producers from Chicago, U.S. based Mercier-Jones, the car is able to drive on the street, water, mud, and any other terrain. Sitting atop a 7-inch blanket of air, the supercar-hovercraft has passed a range of stress tests, however it still has to pass the “street-legal” test before it goes into full scale production. 10 of the test cars are being made available via pre-order and then another 50 will be made available.

If the test runs prove successful, there may just be a market for those who prefer to take the hovercraft across the lake to the cabin, or out to the reef for a float. The hovercraft has an all carbon-fibre body and is light enough to float on its all-powered skirt.

BBC writes:

The Supercraft’s rear-mounted 60-horsepower gasoline engine acts as a generator, delivering juice to a lithium-ion battery pack and a pair of 42hp electric motors, which spin two six-blade fans. These blowers fill a fabric skirt, which lifts the Supercraft on a 7-inch pillow of air, no matter what lies below — mud, grass, gravel, swamp, river, ocean, you name it. (Asphalt is on the list, too, though Mercier-Jones admits the Supercraft hasn’t achieved street-legal status – yet.) A vectored-thrust directional control system offers precise maneuverability – forward, backward and sideways. Performance is respectable for a hovercraft, somewhat less so for a sports car: the Supercraft will cruise at 40mph, with a range of 120 miles. Controls are designed to mimic those of a traditional car, giving the Supercraft a relatively gentle learning curve for landlubbers.Hovercraft Supercar

It remains to be seen whether this speed of approx. 75 km/h can be retained across multiple environments, and how the braking system works. Will it skid to a stop, or will the power of the fans be able to slow it down fast enough? How noisy is it? Will other drivers have their eardrums blown when this things pulls up beside them?


It will be interesting to see what kind of enhancements come into play with the concepts that this new venture company from Chicago does with this car, but for now, it seems more like fiction than reality, but Mercier-Jones is doing all they can to bring this baby into the lime light. For more information and specs on the models, see http://www.mercier-jones.com

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