Published on:05/10/16


Mercedes Benz AMG GT is more than just a car…

Today we will take a closer look at the Mercedes AMG Gran Tourismo 2015 — that will be sure to steal the hearts of more than just a few drivers.


While pairing the 2015 Mustang GT with the 2015 AMG GT would be worth more than just a bunch of cheers and fun, it would also put the engines to the test to see which of these muscular spirited cars has the performance to break barriers.


While many critics would say that Ford Mustang GT is outclassed when positioned against the Mercedes AMG GT — in which case they are probably right — but going beyond bloodlines, pairing the two would be an interesting match.

The Ford Mustang GT is pictured here with its Engine Specs:


While the All-New Ford Mustang has an extra litre of Petrol to work with (5.0) over the AMG’s 4.0 Twin Turbo — the Ford has a 2.3 Turbocharger to pick up the slack where the twins could get the advantage. While critics could speculate all day about the performance of these two cars, there is only one way to get the truth; put them to the races.

My bet is the AMG is going to take the cake on the shorts maybe the first few runs, but the Mustang might have a deeper spirit, but given that both these cars are modelled on the Gran Tourismo Spirit – the real winner would be tough to call.

The new Mustang GT gets a quick win by making the Class-Leap in its new pairing in its All-New Skin, putting itself into the new calibre, but the Mercedes Benz AMG GT has an extra suit to work with, so at this point it is anyone’s game, and since both models are still in the works, the allure of these cars continues to grow.

The Mercedes AMG GT is a 7 speed, and the ‘Stang GT a 6-speed, but the Mustang might have more room to move in its gears, so really, this is a battle that will likely continue through the ages. But then again, if critics and racers really wanted to get a race going, then the Porsche Cayman GT4 would be sure to make these babies do a double-take and re-think the stakes with it tighter specs and sportier look. It is tough to drive the Porsche Cayman GT4, the Mercedes AMG GT, and the Mustang GT, and not want to race, but it is even tougher to find some competition to race against. Any guesses on how these cars would match up? Would this even be a contest?

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Like most GT fans, racers will want to take a more in-depth look at the dynamics at work between these three models, and remember its not always about how quick you make it around the track, but also making sure you can complete the race safely, so be sure to use caution at all times when driving a GT Model.

Last but not least, you can’t have all those cars lined up without a Jaguar making itself known. Is anybody even excited for the F-Type R???

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http://www.ford.com.au/cars/new-mustang/features/performance — THE FULL MUSTANG GT REPORT

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