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The name Alfa Romeo is synonymous with Italian sports cars in styling and design.  Alfa Romeo’s early motor racing heritage gave the brand a true sports car bloodline and were one of the first pioneers of the DOHC (double overhead cam engine).

Today, Alfa Romeo has continued their tradition by providing unique designed sports cars with performance at very competitive prices.

Over the years, the model ranges have dwindled but the introduction of the highly anticipated Stelvio  ( Alfa Romeo’s first ever SUV)  is sure to generate a resurgence in the brand.

New Alfa Romeo prices are now more competitive than ever within their small range so it is definitely worth a look and test drive to see if this Italian sports car thoroughbred is for you.

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One of the oldest manufacturers of racing cars, Alfa Romeo can trace its roots back to Italy in 1906. Originally based out of Naples and Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo eventually moved to Turin, Italy, after being purchased by Fiat automobiles. The company was formed by Alexandre Darracq, a French automobile company, with the backing of several Italian investors. The original name of the company was Societa Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID). Initial sales were slow and the Italian investors decided to form their own automobile company called A.L.F.A, which stood for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. The production of automobiles ceased during Italy’s involvement in World War One. At the time, the company was headed by Nicola Romeo, who began purchasing various locomotive plants after the war. It was not until 1919 that the company began producing cars again. In 1920, the name of the company was changed to Alfa Romeo.

During the 1920s, Alfa Romeo was very successful with the manufacturing of racing cars. One of the drivers of Alfa Romeo vehicles was Enzo Ferrari, who would eventually become a team manager for the drivers of Alfa Romeo vehicles in the competition and go on to form his own automobiles under his own name. Nicola Romeo left Alfa Romeo in 1928, as sales began to fall flat. In 1932, Alfa Romeo was picked up by the Italian government. The storied past of Alfa Romeo does not stop there. During the Second World War, their main automobile factory was bombed. It would take quite some time for Alfa Romeo to recover from this disaster.

Major Events

After the Second World War, interest in motor sports was reignited. This was good news for the ailing Alfa Romeo. In 1952, Alfa Romeo began work on their first compact car using front-wheel drive. This period also saw Alfa Romeo become the company to beat in racing events. In fact, the very first Formula One World Championship was won by a driver driving the Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 Alfetta. The following year, the winning vehicle was once again a car produced by Alfa Romeo.

The 1960s and 1970s were marked by the production of racing cars and also financial difficulties. During the 1970s, Alfa Romeo was owned by an Italian government run company. With declining sales, Alfa Romeo was put up for sale in 1986. At first, Ford showed interest in purchasing the Italian car maker. Their intent was to restructure the company. Eventually, Fiat placed a bid on Alfa Romeo that included the complete purchase of the company as well as guaranteeing job security for the workers at Alfa Romeo. Being an Italian company, Fiat was well suited to take over Alfa Romeo.

Going Forward

Alfa Romeo was not the only automobile company purchased by the giant Fiat motor company. Over the decades, Fiat has come to incorporate many major automobile companies into their fold. In 2007, Fiat decided to reorganize their company and the result was the creation of four separate divisions. This included Fiat Automobiles, Fiat Light Commercial Vehicles, Lancia Automobiles, and Alfa Romeo Automobiles. All four of these companies are owned by Fiat Group Automobiles.

2008 saw the return of Alfa Romeo vehicles being exported to the United States. The 8C Competizione was the first vehicle manufactured by Alfa Romeo to be exported to the United States in thirteen years. Alfa Romeo continued providing vehicles throughout Europe and Asia, including Australia where the brand continues to maintain popularity among drivers looking for alternative sport models.

While sales of the Alfa Romeo brand under Fiat automobiles continued to decline throughout the 2000s, sales began climbing back up in 2011. Now that they are once again producing cars in Europe and North America, Fiat hopes to see the Alfa Romeo brand be restored to its former glory. Focusing on the design and production of sports car, Alfa Romeo is part of a niche market and faces serious competition, including other sporting vehicles produced by various divisions of Fiat.



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