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Being one of the leading prestige car manufacturers in the world, Audi has continually made strides and progress with developments in safety, technology and refinement.

New Audi prices have become much more competitive to position themselves in the Australian market .  Audi have huge plans for Australia to increase their market share by competing head on against BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The Audi owned new multi-million dollar flagship dealership headquartered in Roseberry Sydney is a testament to their dedication to being the number one selling prestige car maker in Australia.

Audi offers a wide range of vehicles to suit most buyers in the prestige market. From, super mini’s sedans, Sports cars, SUV’s and Super cars like the Audi R8.

Audi continues to innovate with cutting edge technology constantly improving their Qauttro and FSI technology while maintaining a competitive edge with more standard features than some of its rivals.

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Like many other major automobile manufacturers, Audi was created through the merger of several different automobile companies. It all began with the formation of an automobile company called Wanderer in 1885. In 1899, A. Horch & Cie was founded by August Horch. After being ousted by his own company, August Horch created Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH in 1909. Not being able to use the Horch name on vehicles produced by his new company, Horch required a new name for his brand. In the German language, “Horch” means “hear”, which translates to “Audi” in Latin. Along with his business partners, Horch agreed to use Audi to brand their vehicles.

The first Audi vehicle was produced in 1910, the Type B. Along with the Type B, Audi used a 2,612 cc engine to produce the model Type A, before moving on to more powerful engines. During the 1920s, Audi was one of the top car manufacturers in the world and the first German manufacturer to release production cars to the public. A part of their success was due to the popularity of the Audi Type K. Using a left handed drive train, the Audi Type K was widely accepted throughout European countries that required drivers to drive on the right side of the road.

In 1932, Audi merged with three other automobile manufacturers to create Auto Union AG. These companies included Wanderer, A. Horch & Cie, and DKW. The merger of the four companies is the basis for the four interlinked rings used in the Audi emblem; though, initially this emblem was only used on racing cars produced by Auto Union. Leading up to the Second World War, Auto Union placed the majority of their focus on the production of smaller cars. By 1938, less than 0.1% of the vehicles sold by Auto Union were Audi vehicles. Starting in 1939, no vehicles produced by Auto Union contained the Audi emblem.

Major Events

During World War Two, the majority of the Auto Union plants were dismantled by the Soviet Army after they entered Germany. Following the war, Audi models that were designed before the war started being produced in both East Germany and West Germany. After several changes in ownership, the West Germany based Auto Union resumed branding their vehicles with the Audi badge in 1965 under the ownership of Volkswagen. These new Audi vehicles were the first vehicles to contain the Audi emblem in over 25 years.

In 1968, Auto Union engineers developed the Audi 100, fearing that the Audi designs that they developed would be discarded by Volkswagen. The Audi 100 was the most profitable vehicle produced using the Audi brand to date. This was followed up by the success of the Audi 80 in 1972.

The next breakthrough for Audi was the Audi Quattro. Looking to alter their image, Audi wanted to create a performance car.  A turbo charged car, the Audi Quattro was the first German production car to include all-wheel drive. By 1986, the company name was officially changed to Audi AG.

Going Forward

While Audi struggled in the 1990s amid recalls and other issues, the 2000s marked a new era for the automobile manufacturer. Each year saw an increase in sales for Audi. For the past several years, Audi has dramatically increased their sales in Eastern Europe, Africa, Australia, and China. Still owned by Volkswagen, Audi vehicles are manufactured in seven different plants throughout the world, with some of these plants sharing production duties with other Volkswagen vehicles.

During a period where several other Volkswagen subsidiaries recorded substantial losses, Audi was able to post record profits. This includes the success of the Audi A7 and the Audi A3 in America. The Audi A7 is an executive vehicle that was immediately embraced by the public and the automobile industry. In 2012, the Audi A7 won multiple car of the year awards. In addition to the Audi A7, Audi currently produces a line of over two dozen different vehicles. These range from city cars, coupes and SUVs. The Audi A3 through A8 are also available in sport models. From their initial acquisition by Volkswagen, Audi has proven to be Volkswagen’s most profitable subsidiary, and continues to make advances across Australia and the world.



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