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Ferrari has always been one of the most exclusive brands to own, attracting the elite, rich and famous as buyers. However, owning a Ferrari is not just about the status, it’s about the emotion you get just from being around one and, if you’re lucky enough, the enjoyment and exhilaration it brings every time you drive one.

Nothing says the ultimate in sports cars like the name Ferrari, which has captivated car enthusiasts for many generations, with some, being a lifelong goal just to own.

Of every car that exists on Earth, there is no other that stands alone and instantly recognisable. Even if you get to own a Ferrari for just a little while, the experience will live on in memory forever.

New Ferrari prices are not that much different to that of used Ferrari’s. Having one of the best resale values on Earth, most are collectible and will eventually appreciate in value. It is one of the only cars to do this.

If you are in the market and can for a high performance supercar, book a test drive at your nearest Ferrari dealer.  You won’t be disappointed.

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For more information about new Ferrari prices visit the Ferrari website or learn more below.

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A maker of sports cars, Ferrari is an Italian automobile company founded in 1929. At first, Ferrari was not intended to manufacture vehicles to the public. The founder, Enzo Ferrari, was a professional racer and car designer. Previously, Enzo Ferrari had raced cars for the Alfa Romeo racing team and managed their factory. Eventually, Enzo Ferrari founded a company in order to sponsor racers and develop his own sports cars. The Ferrari Company would begin producing cars that were made available to consumers to fund the Ferrari racing team, called Scuderia Ferrari.

In 1938, Enzo Ferrari was hired by Alfa Romeo to manage their racing division. During World War Two, the small Ferrari factory was able to remain in production, while Alfa Romeo was forced to produce war armaments for the war effort. Ferrari produced their first car, the Tipo 815, during the war. The Second World War was also a period of rebuilding, as the Ferrari factory was moved to Maranello in 1943 before being bombed in 1944. At the end of the war, the factory was rebuilt and expanded to allow production of road vehicles for consumers.

After World War Two, Ferrari began producing road cars. The first car to be produced was the 125 S – in 1947. The cars were produced by Ferrari in order to sponsor Enzo Ferrari’s racing team. The 125 S had a V12 engine and steel tube-frame chassis. The first victory for the 125 S came at the Grand Prix of Rome, the same year the car was released. That year, the 125 S won six out of the total fourteen races that it was driven in.

In 1969, the Italian automobile company, Fiat, purchased 50% of Ferrari. This gave Ferrari more funding to expand their production, allowing more models to be designed and more cars produced. After the purchase, Fiat began using a Ferrari engine in its Fiat Dino.

The last Ferrari to be designed before the death of Enzo Ferrari was the Ferrari F40 in 1988. At the time that the F40 was launched, it had a suggested price of $400,000 US dollars. The F40 had a 2.9 liter V8 engine capable of producing 490 horsepower. Even though the car was not meant to be raced, the F40 was driven in various racing circuits.

Major Events

Since the start, Ferrari has been involved in racing and motorsports. That was the original purpose of the company and they remain focused on designing cars for competition. In 1949, the Ferrari racing team had their first win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car was a 166 M, driven by Luigi Chinetti.  This was the first Grand Prix of Endurance to take place since the conclusion of World War Two. Also referred to as the Barchetta, a “little boat”, the 166 M was an open two seater sports car.

In 1950 the Formula One World Championship was created. Ferrari is the only racing team to have competed in every single Formula One World Championship since the first year. The Ferrari racing team has won 15 World Drivers’ Championship titles, 16 World Constructors Championship titles, and 209 Grand Prix victories.

Going Forward

Ferrari is not one to be left in the dust and continues moving forward with new concepts and innovative designs including concepts for hybrids and alternative technologies. The Hybrid F430 was their first production model, and the 599 is also be looked at as a potential model for re-development as alternative technologies continue to propel the industry forward.

Using an innovative design and concepts to drive their powerful V8 and V12 engines, the 699 is still capable of getting over 600 horsepower with the models being tested behind closed doors. However, as Ferrari continues to look at alternative models, the classics such as the 458 class, California, FF, and F12Berlinetta are taking over as some of the most popular cars in Australia to date.



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