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Honda, one of the leading Japanese auto makers, has always positioned themselves as innovative, making luxury eco-friendly cars with the future in mind. Their design, comfort and reliability have won over many throughout the years while maintaining very affordable prices.

With a powerful research and development team, which not only focus on their improvements and innovations within their formula 1 racing team,  Honda also adapts these modern advancements to production vehicles.  It’s not surprising that Honda has one of the best brand loyalties of any car maker in the world.

With an impressive line-up of quality built vehicles from small city cars, to mid-size family cars, a luxury sedan, SUV’s and even an F1 inspired super car ( The Honda NSX)  which rivals Mclaren , Nisan Skyline, Audi R8 and Porsche 911, Honda is sure to have a vehicle to suit your style and budget.

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Almost since the beginning of Honda Motor Company, Honda has been the world leader in the manufacturing of motorcycles. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, first began building motorcycle engines after World War Two. These engines were altered two-stroke 50 cc radio generator engines that could be attached to a bicycle. The first complete motorcycle developed by Honda was released in 1949. The Model D, this motorcycle would be marketed as the Honda Dream. By 1964, Honda was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.

In 1963, Honda began producing their first automobiles. This was the T360 pickup truck. The same year, Honda released the S500 – a sports car with chain-driven rear wheels. This roadster used an engine developed from Honda’s knowledge of motorcycle engines and could reach a top speed of 129 km/h. In the 1960s, Honda also began producing commercial vehicles, such as the Honda L700 delivery van. For the next several decades, Honda would work on expanding its line of production and on entering foreign markets.

During the 1980s, Honda instituted a number of new technologies that would go on to become standard features in most automobiles. These technologies included advances in power steering and anti-lock brakes. At first, many of these features were launched on luxury brands manufactured by Honda, including models released under the Acura division.

Along with technical advances, Honda was one of the first automobile companies to place some emphasis on fuel efficiency. Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency rates the fuel-efficiency of cars, with the Honda Civic Coupe achieving the best fuel efficiency in 1986. Other Honda models that have ranked the best fuel efficiency include the Honda Insight, the Honda Civic hatchback, and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Major Events

In 1972, Honda launched one of their most successful models. The Honda Civic was introduced in 1972 with a four-cylinder engine.  It featured an optional AM/FM radio and air conditioning. Available in several variations, the Honda Civic would take a while to reach favourable sales. The release of the Honda Civic was followed by the oil crisis of 1973; however, by 1979, Honda was ready to release the second generation of the Honda Civic. Over the years, the Honda Civic would adopt safety features that today makes it one of the highest rated passenger vehicles in roadside safety tests.

The Acura Legend was released worldwide in 1986, as Honda attempted to enter the luxury vehicle market using the alternate brand. The Honda Acura was the first luxury automobile brand in Japan. Created as a subdivision of Honda, Acura was aimed at targeting the wealthier market. Acura used the slogan – “Acura. Precision Crafted Performance.” After a year of sales, Honda had sold over 109,000 cars under the Acura brand. The flagship model of the Acura brand was the Acura Legend, making up half of Acura’s sales.  Other automobile companies took notice of the success of the Acura Legend, including Japanese automobile companies Nissan and Toyota – both of which would soon release their own luxury vehicles. To this day, the Acura brand is still going strong and releasing new models each year.

Going Forward

Honda is making great strides in the research and development field with a new car called the Fit hitting the pavement next year in North America, which combines a smaller body and more technologically advanced interface. Other insiders are speculating on a remodelled Type-R for Australia and greater Asia in the form of a CR-Z, which would be arriving around 2016 featuring a hybrid-turbo power train. Others are also speculating that a new Honda Civic is in the works for 2015, and along with the CR-Z in 2016, are also the possibilities of FR-S and BRZ in 2016. This speaks volumes to the advancement current models and the continued priority of advanced concept engineering at Honda.



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