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One of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the world, Hyundai  has gone through major revitalisation over the years employing one of the lead designers from BMW Chris Chapman and chief engineer Albert Biermann from BMW ‘s M performance division to develop new styling and performance, ride and handling.

It’s not surprising that Hyundai is now one of the best-selling auto makers in the world offering great designs, reliability, performance and luxury at bargain prices.

Hyundai diesel engines have always been one of the best in the market, just speak to any diesel mechanic or engineer. This is probably true due to Hyundai heavy industries (the world’s largest ship building company) which mean Hyundai has access to reliable diesel technologies.

Hyundai definitely has come a long way and so has their new Hyundai prices offering much more bang for buck with a lot of standard features you have to pay a hefty premium for in other brands.

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In 1947 Chung Ju-yung founded the Hyundai Construction Company in Seoul, South Korea. Twenty years later, it had morphed into the Hyundai Motor Company that constructed huge cargo ships. Then it branched out into the semiconductor industry through Hyundai Electronics. It has a diverse range of activities that includes chemicals, financials and shipbuilding.

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors are part of the Hyundai Motor Group, one of the largest automakers in the world, selling 7.12 million units annually combined in 2012. Hyundai employs about 75,000 people worldwide and their vehicles are sold in 193 countries. Their first model was manufactured in co-operation with Ford Motor Company in 1968. Together with the director of Austin Morris and other top British car engineers, Hyundai developed their own motorcar design. The first Korean car, the Pony, was released in 1975, and by 1985 had already had 1 million vehicles under its belt.

Major Events

Hyundai Motor Company has been designing and engineering new cars in Germany since 1994. Their state-of-the-art factory is located in Frankfurt. It has 6 manufacturing companies worldwide – Japan, India, Germany and 3 offices in Korea. They’ve been selling cars in Australia since 1986 and rank as the 4th largest seller in 2012. The Hyundai Accent is so popular that 200,000 cars were sold in 2000.

Hyundai researchers have been developing hybrid electric vehicles since 1988. The first completely electric car was the Sonata Electric Vehicle in 1991. A new hybrid electric model was debuted at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in 2008 and the company began manufacturing hybrid electric vehicles a year later. Hyundai has always been on the cutting edge of technology, pushing the envelope in many new and exciting ways. Their i-flow is a concept car that uses a diesel engine as well as an electric battery. The Hyundai Elantra LPI is liquefied petroleum injected while the Elantra PLI uses advanced lithium polymer batteries.

Although Hyundai is listed as one of the top 100 most valuable brands of motorcars in the world, the company is not without scandal and controversy. In 2006, the head of the company was arrested and charged with embezzlement. The Chairman of Hyundai Asan, a subsidiary of Hyundai Group was facing 3 years in prison for doctoring company books to hide bribes of hundreds of millions of dollars to assist the former South Korean President in winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. In 1998 it tested poorly for frontal impact in a crash test by the European New Car Assessment Program. However, car models had undergone redesigning by 2003 with some models sporting diesel engines with direct injection turbo diesel.

In 2010 it was crash tested by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program with very good results. Some of the standard features in Hyundai’s lineup are airbags, air conditioning, power steering with tilt steering wheel, power windows and automatic transmission. Some of the luxury models offer sport-tuned suspensions, alloy wheels, cold-air intake, Clarion sound system and suspension stress bars. The Hyundai Accent is the third best selling subcompact car in the US. Having said that, it continues to test poorly in the side impact test and the Occupant/pedestrian Protection tests.

Going Forward

The recent unveiling of the HCD-14 Concept Car at the 2013 Detroit Motor show has buyers and makers all over the planet itching at the ingenuity of Hyundai. The car is just one example of Hyundai’s ability to continually progress in new and exciting designs, while bridging the gap on traditional engineering with new technologies. The HCD is a concept that may be worked into future Genesis models, and its “liquid metal design” has rear doors that open backwards to truly prove that the mould was meant to be broken.

As the next few years materialise, Hyundai plans on stepping up their design with a sharp-edged belt line on their designs to take out the snoopiness like that seen on the Sonata by adding more hard-edged precision to the metallic look. The next few years will prove too exciting as this global leader will be sure to introduce some extremely cool prototypes and concepts for future cars!



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