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Skoda, originating from the Czech Republic, started to make head way after their partnership with Volkswagen in 1990.

The major turnaround was building a car that people wanted that had useful features, great value, practicality and European styling by conducting regular surveys, Skoda discovered what consumers in Europe really wanted and gave it to them.  This resulted in Skoda winning various awards and being the preferred choice for customer experience.

In 2007, Top Gear UK’s customer satisfaction survey rated Skoda “number 1” , a major strength and testament to Skoda’s reliability which included overall vehicle ownership.

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Skoda Works began as a bicycle manufacturer and repair company in 1895, growing their workforce to the modest number of 32 people by 1900. The original owners belong to the House of Waldstein, a Czechoslovakian noble family. After uniting with the lords of Vartenbeck, another Bohemian family, the now almost-completely Germanized family were expelled from their homeland in 1945. The family moved to Austria where they currently live today. They have quite a few famous family members including Dr. Michael Waldstein, founder of the International Theological Institute of Trumau, Austria. He translated Pope John Paul II’s book, Theology of the Body.

Emile Waldstein established the company as Austria-Hungary’s leading arms manufacturer in 1869. He studied engineering in Prague and became the chief engineer in a machine factory. The company produced heavy guns for the navy, mortars and machine guns for the Austro-Hungarian military. They also manufactured locomotives, ships, airplanes, steam turbines, machine tools and power utility equipment. They manufactured the world’s first triple-barreled gun turrets as well as the German designated Panzer 35 tank. The tank had originally been produced for use by the Czechoslovakian army but was seized in 1939 by the German Wehrmacht for use in the Polish campaign, Battle of France and the German invasion of Russia. Emile Skoda’s company incorporated his holdings in 1899 and the company became Skoda Works.

Major Events

Skoda Works had transformed into an auto manufacturer by 1905 and, with the cooperation of Hispano-Suiza, began producing motorcars. As it grew, the company acquired Laurin & Klement, the largest car manufacturer in Austria-Hungary at that time, and became known as Skoda Auto. The company was nationalised after 1945 and renamed Zavody Vladimira Illjice Lenina in 1951. The name change was confusing to customers and businesses alike and the name reverted back to Skoda Auto in 1953.

Skoda produced a wide range of heavy machinery, including nuclear reactors and locomotives for the Soviet Union but was mainly known in Russia as being a bus manufacturer. Once the Communist Party had lost power in 1989 Skoda Auto was privatised, causing a restructuring of the company. Many of the original subsidiaries were split from the company in 1954 and some of its factories were closed. They were reunited under the name of Skoda Holding A.S. in 2000. Ten years later the company changed its name to Skoda Investment, A.S. They began manufacturing stream turbines, heat exchangers, condensers, electric locomotives, tractor motors as well as supplying spare parts and repairs for all of its products. It became one of the largest European industrial conglomerates of the 20th century.

The RAC Rally is the most highly profiled motor rally in the UK. Skoda’s rear engine models performed well against other cars in the ‘70s and 80’s and have won their class in the RAC Rally for 17 years. Their best selling model in the UK, The Rapid, was known as a poor man’s Porsche. The Favorit models were introduced in 1987 and were very popular in Eastern Bloc countries and in West Europe. Skoda was asked by the Czech government to form a joint-venture partnership agreement with Volkswagen in 1991. As a consequence, both style and engineering improved and although Skoda’s image was initially slow to improve, the company became very popular. In 2006, Skoda introduced a new concept car named Skoda Joyster. By the end of 2006 the company had produced over half a million vehicles.

Going Forward

Skoda has a whole new lineup of concept cars that are continuously undergoing advanced research and development to make them better. Included in the lineup is the all electric model known as the Octavia Green E Line, which is focused on having zero emissions. The concept cars are also exemplary of their new commitment to sharper, more sophisticated exterior design concepts, while maximising an ergonomic interior for maximum efficiency.

The new line can be viewed by clicking on one of the following models:
Rapid Sport
Citigo Rally
Citigo DJ Car
Octavia Green E Line

Skoda is making tracks to increase production and expansion and continues to keep pace with more luxurious and wider producing makers.



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