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As a global leader for many years in the automotive industry, Toyota has maintained its stronghold due to manufacturing volume and advancement in modern technologies.

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Kiichiro Toyoda founded the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1936 in Aichi, Japan. It is a spinoff of Toyota Industries, originally owned by Toyoda’s father. When Kiichiro created his new company he ran a public contest to help choose the name. His brother-in-law had always favored spelling the family name with 8 brush strokes – Toyota – because it was considered a lucky number. The name, ‘Toyoda’ means fertile rice fields, which Kiichiro believed, might make consumers think about old-fashioned farming instead of modern vehicles. The new name was registered the following year.

Major Events

The first-generation Toyopet Crown Model RSD was produced in 1947. The company also produced the Toyopet Stout truck and Toyopet Corona during that time. Once the company entered the American market in 1957 the name Toyopet was dropped. During the 1960 stiff import tariffs on light trucks was imposed by the US government. This tax was referred to as the ‘chicken tax’ and was President Lyndon Johnson’s response to taxes placed on US vehicles by France and Germany. The term ‘chicken’ is a term referring to Cold War politics.

In 2008, Toyota’s sales became the number one automaker in the world, surpassing General Motors. Toyota Motor Corporation produces vehicles under 5 brand names: Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Hino and Ranz. Toyota holds 51% of Daihatsu, 15% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries, 5.9% in Isuzu and a .27% stake in Tesla. ‘Flagship One’, or F1, was a project engineered by Toyota’s chairman, Eiji Toyoda in direct answer to whether Toyota could challenge the top automakers in the world. Toyota’s designers produced the Toyota Century limousine and an inline-six0-engined Toyota Crown premium sedan as a direct response to the question. Honda launched its vehicle Acura in the US in 1986, and Nissan unveiled its vehicle Infiniti, and Mazda began selling its vehicle Mazda 929 in 1988.

Toyota felt empowered to step up its game in North America by observing the lifestyles and tastes of wealthy American consumers and has developed a series of luxury additions in the SUV and Ute market including the FourRunner and Tundra (Hilux in Australia) to provide some of the most popular vehicles. The Utes continue to be popular with customers around the world, especially the Tacoma in the V6 and the Tundra Full-Size Ute with the V8. Customers enjoy the sleek design that gives the Utes a faster, floating look.

Going Forward

As a learning manufacturer of automobiles in the world, Toyota has driven itself to be one of the most innovative as well. Being a pioneer in hybrid technology, the brand has really made great strides in environment and technological innovation. Some of the areas that continue to be on the agenda include:

•   interconnected traffic and safety systems
•   human assisting robots
•   alternative energy sources

With the vision of the future being close to the heart of Toyota’s strategic plan, the innovation of the auto is seen to extend into a wider environment than just the car, bridging the gap between car and driver, and work and play. This includes creating autos that are part of a smart grid, so they can communicate with other devices including robots, and other devices for a totally efficient communications grid.

As these designs and concepts get put into play, the world as we know it will change along with it; so be prepared to see robots, self-propelled cars, and much more intelligence systems adapted to your vehicle.



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