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Aussie’s Dont Trust Self Driving Cars

Published on:07/5/18

The jury is in and the majority of people don’t like the idea of a driverless car. Self driving cars might be the thing of the future, but for now it seems, we cant put our faith in it totally just yet.

The report from Smith’s Lawyers, titled Seven Problems Self-Driving Cars Face, found 58.6 per cent of people said “no, I like to have control of my car at all times”, while just 7.1 per cent agreed with the statement “yes, [autonomous cars are] the future” when asked “would you trust an autonomous car?”

A further 14 per cent said they’d trust an autonomous car, but only after the technology has been extensively tried, tested and proven safe in the real world.

53 per cent of adults in Australia argue artificial intelligence will do more harm than good, and 37 per cent of adults thought technology already does too much thinking for us.

Things that Australians are wary of in the driverless car debate is the lack of eye contact required for pedestrian crossings, questionable weather conditions and animals jumping out in front of the path of the car while the driver is not concentration on physically driving.

While the industry continues to sell self-driving cars in the form of industry giants Tesla and Volvo, it remains to be seen whether the driverless car concept will really catch on.

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