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What Is A Car Broker or Car Buying Service?

Published on:09/9/16

Would you like to save time and money? Would you prefer to deal with honest and dependable people without being pressured into buying a car that may not be the best for you and your family? Today I want to introduce you to the possibility of saving  thousands of dollars on your next vehicle by using a car broker or car buying service. The concept is simple. Just like eBay and other places where sellers are forced to compete with each other to sell their products, the idea of car brokers and or a car buying service works much in the same way only better. This is because you will no longer be dealing with retail prices but fleet discount prices even if you are private buyer, company or small business.

What Is A Car Buying Service?
Normally the car buying process is between you and the dealership. Sometimes with a pushy retail sales person who will try to retain profit margins to get the most commission by using all the heavy handed sales tactics. However, using a car buying service like National Car Brokers will open up your possibilities across a much greater pool of new cars including utes and SUVs. This will give you access to buying power and fleet discount pricing through fleet departments normally used for companies and government departments to buy new cars. That means that you are put onto a much more level playing field with the dealers since the car brokers are essentially getting them to compete with each other to provide the best fleet discounted priced cars even if you are a private buyer, rather than bullying you into a sale.


How Does It Work?
When you want the best price on a new car, for private use or business, do some research and decide what car you would like. Once you know the make and model, get in touch with National Car Brokers. They have one of the largest dealer networks in Australia to search for your specific car much quicker and for far less money. Your car buying agent will come back to you with the best fleet discounted price and arrange for it to be delivered to your door with a full tank of fuel.

If you are happy with the service and price, National Car Brokers will charge a fee of $165 which gives you access to their member benefits program. This will include access to special exclusive discounts and cash backs for over 60,000 products and services from over 500 major retailers online.car broker benefits


Dealing with a car broker or car buying service will help you avoid many of the traps that are associated with buying a new car at a retail level. You are given an edge on the car buying process when you use a car buying service. The car buying service offered by National Car Brokers is one of the best because of its buying power and expansive reach across the country to save you the most money and offer you best prices on new cars.


Show Me The Money
There is only one way to get the process going, and that is to get in touch with National Car Brokers just to see how effective they really are. Take a look at the market, but do not make any buying decisions until you get in touch with them and see what they can come up with. You have nothing to lose!





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